Ship Management

Regal Mare Inc. senior personnel have gained valuable experience in all aspects of technical, operations and commercial Ship Management, through their long carreers in key positions of numerous Ship Managing companies.

Regal Mare Inc., over the past years have successfully offered Ship Management services including:

Technical Management:

  • Performance monitoring and evaluation/optimization
  • Hull, Engine & Equipment repair and maintenance planning and follow-up
  • Spare parts requisition evaluation, purchasing and forwarding
  • Lubricants and stores purchasing
  • Class and other surveys monitoring, planning and attendance follow-up
  • Preparation of dry-dockings’ specifications, shipyards’ evaluation, attendance and follow-up, negotiation of shipyard invoices.
  • Follow-up of ISM and ISPS matters, internal and external auditing
  • Crewing and crew-related matters
  • Insurance arrangements and follow-up including H & M, P & I, War & others
  • Insurance claims handling

Commercial Management & Operations:

  • Chartering and follow-up, Charter party negotiation, hire collection.
  • Operations coordination and monitoring
  • Charter party evaluation voyage estimates
  • Lay time and hire calculation
  • Guidance to Masters
  • Agency appointment
  • Disbursements’ evaluation
  • Bunkers purchasing
Ship Management
Ship Management
Ship Management
Ship Management
Ship Management