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Regal Mare Inc.

Ship Managers, Brokers and Consultants, Regal Mare Inc., are based in Piraeus, Greece and operate worldwide in both the marine and offshore service sectors.

Since the turn of the Century, we have provided shipping related services for almost 20 years, originally offering commercial and technical services in the New Buildings sector based in the wide knowledge and vast experience of our senior management.

Over the years, and particularly since relocating to the current offices in 2006, Regal Mare Inc. have gradually extended its services to cover Ship Management, S&P and Technical Consultancy sectors.

Today, through a well-established network of branch offices and Associates, in Greece, UK and the Far East, Regal Mare Inc. are capable of offering high-standard quality services to its Clients in all aforementioned sectors.


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1, Kanari Str. & 79, Akti Miaouli
185 37 Piraeus, Greece

Tel.: +30 210 42 83 500
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